Sl. No.



  1. Arman Ali Munshi 3-4-1952 to 2-4-1954  
  2. Shri Ng. Tompok Singh
(Manipur and Tripura)
Source:- (i) Rajya Sabha Debates,
21st February, 1955 (ii) Elections in India, P.291-292
3-4-1954 to 2-4-1956  
  3. Abdul Latif 3-4-1956 to 2-4-1962  
  4. Shri Tarit Mohan Dasgupta 3-4-1962 to 2-3-1967  
  5. Shri Triguna Sen 27-4-1967 to2-4-1968 and 3-4-1968 to 2-4-1974  
  6. Shri Birchandra Deb Barma 3-4-1974 to 2-4-1980  
  7. Smti Ila Bhattacharjee 3-4-1980 to 2-4-1986  
  8. Shri Narayan Kar 3-4-1986 to 2-4-1992  
  9. Shri Sudhir Ranjan Majumder 3-4-1992 to 2-4-1998  
  10. Shri Khagen Das 3-4-1998 to 25-2-2002  
  11. Shri Matilal Sarkar 22-5-2002 to 02-04-2010  
  12. Smt. Jharna Das Baidya 15-04-2010  
  13. Dr. Manik Saha April, 2022  
  14. Shri Biplab Kumar Deb Sept. 2022  

MUNSHI ARMAN ALI: Ganatantrik Sangh (Tripura); s. of Shri Ajlish Bhuya; b. January, 1893; m. Begum Samsia Khatoon, 4 s. and 2 d; Member, (i) Tripura Constituent Assembly and (ii) Rajya Sabha, 3-4-1952 to 2-4-1954. per. Add. : Post Office Agartala (Tripura)

SINGH SHRI Ng. TOMPOK: Studied, Yoga Vedanta; Congress(I) (Manipur); s. of Shri Liklai Singh; b. 1913; m.ShrimatiKhurai Leima Devi, 4 s. and 4 d; Member, Rajya Sabha, 3-4- 1954 to 2-4-1956 and 10-4-1978 to 9-4-1984; Died, Obit. On 23-8-1985.

ABDUL LATIF, SHRI : Congress (Tripura); s. of Moulvi Mohammad Musim Mia; b. 1912; m. Begum Jebunnisa Khanom, 3 s. and I d; Member, Rajya Sabha, 3-4-1956 to 2-4-1962; Died. Obit. On 2-1-1991.

DASGUPTA SHRI TARIT MOHAN: B.Sc.; Congress (Tripura);s. of Shri Ananga Mohan Das Gupta; b. February 21, 1919; Bachelor; Member, Rajya Sabha, 3-451- 57.-1962 to 2-3-1967; General Secretary, Tripura P.C.C., 1951-57. Per. Add. : Thana Road, Agartala (Tripura).

SEN, DR. TRIGUNA : B.E. (Mech), Doctorate in Engineering; Congress (Tripura); s. of Shri Golok Nath Sen; b. December 24, 1905; Married, 2 d.; Member, Rajya Sabha, 27-4- 1967 to 2-4-1968 and 3-4-1968 to 2-4-1974; Union Minister holding portfolios of Education, Petroleum and Chemicals and Mines and Metals, 1967-70; Recipient of Padma Bhushan, 1965.
Per. Add. : Fedichi Housing Society, Kolkata (West Bengal)

DEB BARMAN, SHRI BIRCHANDRA: M.A. LL.B.; C.P.I. (Tripura); s. of Shri Satish Chandra Deb Barman; b. March 1, 1920; Bachelor; Member, (i) Tripura Legislative Assembly, 1962-67 and (ii) Rajya Sabha, 3-4-1974 to 2-4-1980; Died. Obit. On 7-8-1995.

BHATTACHARYA, SHRIMATI ILA: B.A.(Hons); C.P.I.(M) (Tripura); D. of Shri Jatindra Mohan Banerjee; b. September 25, 1921; m. Shri Narendra Nath Bhattacharya, 2 s. and 5 d.; Member, Rajya Sabha, 3-4-1980 to 2-4-1986.Died on 03-05-2010.

KAR, SHRI NARAYAN: B.Sc.; C.P.I.(M) (Tripura); s. of Shri Atal Behari Kar; b. April 1, 1949; Bachelor; Member, Rajya Sabha, 3-4-1986 to 2-4-1992. Per. Add. : Village and P.O. Dehdaru, South Tripura (Tripura)

MAJUMDER, SHRI SUDHIR RANJAN: M.A., B.Ed.; I.N.C. (Tripura); s. of late Ananda Chandra Majumder; b. May 18, 1939;m.Shrimati Milan Prava Majumder; Member, Tripura Legislative Assembly for three terms; Leader of Opposition, Tripura Legislative Assembly; Chief Minister, Tripura, February, 1988 to February, 1992; Member, Rajya Sabha, 3-4-1992 to2-4-1998; General Secretary, Tripura Pradesh Congress, 1978-87; President, Tripura Pradesh Congress, 1987- 90 and 1994-96.Died on 03-01-2009. Per. Add. : Village-Town Pratapgarh, P.O. Agartala, West Tripura .

DAS, SHRI KHAGEN: m. Com. B.Ed.; C.P.I.(M) (Tripura); s. of Shri Harish Ch. Das; b. September 4, 1937; m. Shrimati Anupama Das, 2 d.; Member, Tripura Legislative Assembly, 1978-88; Minister, holding portfolios of Revenue, Health, Statistics, Printing and Stationary Department, Govt. of Tripura, 1983-88; Chairman, Public Accounts Committee, Tripura Legislative Assembly, 1978-82; Political Secretary to the Chief Minister of Tripura, 1994; Member, Rajya Sabha, 3-4-1998 to 25-2-2002.
Per. Add. : Ramnagar Road-6, Agartala, West Tripura (Tripura).

Sarkar, Shri Matilal : B.Sc., M.Sc., B.T., Special Training in Biology; C.P.I.(M) (Tripura); s. of Shri Hladhar Sarkar; b. August 15, 1941; m. Shrimati Kalpana Sarkar, 2 s. and 1 d. ; Member, (i) Tripura Legislative Assembly, 1978-93 and (ii) Rajya Sabha, 22-5-2002 till date;Author ‘Prabaha’, (brought in two parts) 1999 and 2000 and ‘ Dwandwa O Bikash’ , 2001.

Per. Add. : Villahge Milan Sangha, P.O. – A.D. Nagar, Agartala- 799003

DASBAIDYA JHARNA : Father's Name : Late Jatiendra Chandra Das Mother's Name : Shrimati Bipula Das Date of Birth : 1 October 1962 Place of Birth : Mirza, Udaipur, Distt. South Tripura (Tripura) Marital Status : Married on 30 June 1993 Spouse's Name : Shri Kaushik Baidya. B.A. (Hons.), M.A. (Bengali) Educated at Tulsi Bati Balika Vidyalaya, Agartala, M.B.B. College, Agartala and University of Calcutta Agartala and University of Calcutta. 1985- 89 Supervisor, Integrated Child Development Scheme (I.C.D.S.), Tripura Jan.- April 1990 Child Development Project Officer,I.C.D.S., Tripura 1999-2004 Chairperson, Dukli Panchayat Samiti 2002-2004 Member, State Commission for Women 2004-2010 Chairperson, Tripura State Social Welfare Board April 2010 Elected to Rajya Sabha April 2010-. Member, Committee on Social Justice and Empowerment Member, Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Participated in democratic movement since student days and struggled for the cause of social justice and social welfare; was Member, Students Federation of India (S.F.I.) during college days; participated in movement involving the interest of the employees of the I.C.D.S. (TGEA) 1985-90; movement for upliftment of the downtrodden : joined, (i) Tripura Tapsili Jati Samnnya Samiti and organized the Schedule Castes and the socially deprived people to put their problems and grievances strongly before the government, (ii) as a member of the All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA) State Committee, participated in several women welfare movements; fought for women reservation in Parliament and the State Assemblies; fought against the child marriage; worked closely with the present Government for the successful implementation of the family planning programme in villages; stood against the dowry system in India; worked as councillor for the socially harassed women who were victims of the dowry; contested election for the Member of Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (T.T.A.A.D.C.), 1990; Member, (i) T.G.E.A.,Tripura, 1985-90, (ii) T.T.J.S.S. since 1989, (iii) Tripura State Cooperative Union, 2002-2010, and (iv) Women Co-operative Society, 2003-2010.


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